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The Christian Writer’s Guide to writing and publishing in all genres lets you know your options and learn the terminology you need for freelance and assignment writing. Mary wrote and uploaded its 60 manuscript pages as a Kindle e-book on Amazon.


Amazon Reviews:

“This is the most comprehenisve book on being a Christian Writer that I have ever read. It tells the ins and outs of traditional publishing, which the author has learned over many years and through the publishing of many books”…

“The Christian Writer’s Guide is another fine book Mary Harwell Sayler has produced that encompasses comprehensive information every writer needs to know. What separates her information ultimately from many mainline writer’s guides is that she believes the Bible should be used as the plumb line for gaining wisdom and finding direction in writing.”…

“I especially liked her suggestions about creating a Bio and organizing publishing credits. Whether you are an established writer, or just beginning, there is something in this guide for everyone. I read the entire book without putting it down. I plan to study and implement Mary’s suggestions.”

“…Publication and marketing are two areas over which writers tend to stumble. I also recommend Christian Writer’s Guide for all Christian writers. I enjoy reading books and writings by this accomplished author because I love the way she writes! Ms Sayler writes from a Christian perspective and includes Bible verses on almost every page.”

“…The last twenty-five percent of the book contains a priceless glossary that writers can use to become familiar with essential words for any writer who wishes to be published. I highly recommend this book. It is a short, easy read, but full of encyclopedic knowlege and guidance.”

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Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry


Based on the poetry home study course Mary Sayler wrote in the 1980s and used for years in working one-on-one with poetry students, this user-friendly book shows you how to scan poems, revise to fit traditional forms, break lines in free verse, and consider theme, purpose, and more. A Glossary of poetry terminology has been included at the end of the book with poems by Mary or by classical Christian poets used throughout the Christian Poet’s Guide to illustrate various aspects of poetry.




Living in the Nature Poem


Living in the Nature Poem connects us to ourselves, each other, and the earth. As an important part of our own environments, we’re also part of the complexities of nature, including human nature and those odd thoughts and moments that bring humor, wonder, perplexity, and prayer.





Amazon Reviews

“…Sayler writes about cardinals and blue jays, whippoorwills and evening traffic that is more avian than automotive….And always present are the images of nature, even when she walks to a mall in Arizona, leaves Cozumel, or considers the American Dream.
Sayler, who lives in North Florida, is the author of some 25 books of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. She blogs at The Poetry Editor and Poetry, under her name at Mary Harwell Sayler, and at Christian Poets and Writers. Many of the poems in this collection have been published in literary journals and magazines.”
When you read “Living in the Nature Poem,” and you should, remember those three words – vivid, precise, and arresting. And a dash of wry humor.”

“Living in the nature poem” by Mary Harwell Sayler ~ goes with me on my travels! Mary brings NATURE to life through her versatility in poem writing. Being an avid nature and poetry lover I connected with Mary’s writings right away!…If I could frame each picture I am blessed to visualize with Mary’s penmanship ~ my walls would be filled! A must for every library!”

“…One of the things that make Mary’s poems so enjoyable is that she fulfills what E. B. White said, “A poet dares be just so clear and no clearer…. He unzips the veil from beauty, but does not remove it. A poet utterly clear is a trifle glaring.”…If you love the South, if you love nature, if you are interested in elegant writing, I highly recommend Mary Harwell Sayler’s, Living in the nature poem.

“Mary Harwell Sayler is not just an author of several books and this collection of poems; rather, she is a devout Christian that bows to the sovereignty of the Lord. Understanding that He is the maker of all, she captures wildlife, nature, the universe and situations with a depth and style that others can gleam from. “The Spirit of God moves across the waters, lifting our spirits, moving us to praise.”

As poets often relay a depth to their visions Sayler is no exception. She will invite you on her deck, at the beach, or in a restaurant for example with the personification of Spring and how it comes “hobbling in, shaken down and limping.”

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From Micro Reviews:

“In an era where so many books seem to be written to have been written, Mary Harwell Sayler fills over 100 pages with genuine purpose. With an ear for the poetic line and internal rhyme, and an admirable concision, she explores the appearances of God in what’s left of the natural world. “

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Poetry Dictionary For Children and for Fun

The Poetry Dictionary For Children and For Fun encourages imaginative kids, elementary school classes, junior high students, and creative families to explore the adventures of poetry. Each A-Z topic includes a pronunciation guide and brief definition with poetic examples from the poems of present-day poets or classical works in the public domain.



Reviews from Amazon

“Mary Harwell Sayler’s, Poetry Dictionary for Children and For Fun, is what the title says it is, but it’s so much more. Its a book for adults, teachers, and writers, as well as for children. Unique in its category, the book is also a compact course in good writing. …  The fun part of Poetry Dictionary for Children is in the lyricism of the entries and in the wonderful poems for children that Mary and others have written.”

“Whether a child, young adult or mature adult, if you have or have a desire to write poetry, this dictionary will be a great resource. Listed from A-Z terminologies you will find not just the definition but often a poem or two to describe the style such as Haiku or an abstract poem. Having taken college English courses I must admit I never heard of all that is out there in the world of poetry… I encourage poets to connect with Sayler on Facebook if they desire to contribute as a writer as she has an excellent site and has trained/coached many over the years. To her credit she has written many books and poems, judged poetry, and given poetry readings.

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Outside Eden

Outside Eden


Sometimes fierce and often funny or quick-witted, Mary Harwell Sayler’s Outside Eden shows us what our world is now, after the fall, and what it can be. Where some would say of the wise men that their minds had “burned from watching stars,” Sayler “would keep the lyrics going as long / as she could speak with clarity and ease,” and so she does in this fine, heartfelt book of beautifully turned poems that remind us our “Bright Vision” is always, always “here.”




Reviews From Amazon

In Outside Eden take a panoramic tour of the Bible as Mary Harwell Sayler brings to life Biblical characters and themes. “They’ve come through Genesis singing Psalms and Lamentations…sometimes they dragged themselves through First and Second Chronicles into one war…whatever it takes to get them through a chapter and onto the next revelation..”. God’s redemptive hand will be shown as will His mercy toward you. “Turns toward His crying child…reaches down into your clay crib…sets you on His shoulder…holds you closely…teaches you.” …..

“Outside Eden” is a collection that shines.”…

“This delightful book of poems, Outside of Eden by Mary Harwell Sayler, will keep you spellbound to the end.” …

” No poet that I know of writing today (and of course I don’t know them all) writes with the sensory detail, the deep wisdom and understanding, the perfect use of words, combined with the right rhythms and electric epiphanies, as Mary does.”…

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2014 is an exciting year  for Mary and her fans.  In April Kelsay Books released– a Bible-based book of  poems entitled Outside Eden and  another book of  poems for kids, Beach Songs & Wood Chimes is scheduled for later this year.




Faces in a Crowd


Faces in a Crowd reminds us how much alike we are, even in our differences. These glimpses into human nature, spiritual matters, and our relationships with one another come alive in free verse, prose poems, and traditional poetry forms.




Reviews From Amazon

“Mary’s words thrilled me, made me sad, and made me happy. They helped me to think in deeper ways that I had before. The lines rolled right through my mind like music. That is one poetry book that I will be reading over and over again.”

“One thing poetry can do, often better than non-poetic literary forms, is to present images and ideas that challenge our notions of the status quo, of what we believe, and how we understand the reality of the everyday. The 70 poems of “Faces in a Crowd,” a new collection by Mary Harwell Sayler, does this exceptionally well.”

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Praise! Poems

Reading PRAISE! Poems, may cause an explosion to break forth in your own life of adoration to–and celebration of–our good God!

With bad news everywhere–worries, hurts, fears, anger: Everyone has problems of some kind, but focusing on praise takes our thoughts off our worries and onto God’s goodness.

The author began composing these poems at a time when she found herself weighted by woes and laments. As a Christian believer, she began to realize her lack of appreciation to God. Then she made a decision to begin looking for the good. Poetic expressions began coming to her almost daily–spontaneous, contemporary poems of thanksgiving and adoration, of praise and thanksgiving.

These poems are a remedy for those who feel pressed down by the negativity of the world. While they acknowledge, on the one hand, the realities around us, these poems also look for the good in everything. Sections within the book include: Praise, Prayers, Easter, Creation, Wonder, Christmas.


Reviews from Amazon

“This is a wonderful collection of positive and gentle poems!

They are contemporary, personal psalms that emerge, unforced, from Mary’s devotional reflections. Their free form invites the reader to pleasingly experience the often fleeting thoughts of a Believer in God. Her verse is lightly seasoned with occasional alliteration, unforced rhyming, and a rhythm that is pleasing to read aloud. In short, nothing is overdone. Even her careful choices of which words to capitalize invite just the right pause and reflection.”

“Mary Harwell has a deep relationship with the Lord and an almost encyclopedia knowledge of scriputre, plus she is a fabulous poet. I love these poems and I know I will turn to them for hope and comfort many times in the future.”

“Sayler has published more than 2,000 poems in a wide array of publications ranging from magazines and e-zines, anthologies, journals, and church publications. She has five poetry collections, including “Living in the Nature Poem” (2012); “Outside Eden” (2014); “Beach Songs and Wood Chimes” (2014); “Faces in a Crowd” (2016); and “Praise.” She’s written three books on writing, and maintains several blogs, including The Poetry Editor and Poetry.

“Praise” achieves what it sets out to do – its poems individually and collectively pour out love for who God is”

“I loved this collection of praise poem. They open new doorways through which to appreciate God and the beauty and diversity of this world God has gifted us with.”

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Visit Mary at her own website, Mary Harwell Sayler   You can slso follow Mary on her Facebook  page, Christian Poets and Writers. She is also on Twitter


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