Thank you for visiting Rebekah Lyn and Friends. DiVoran Lites and myself, Rebekah Lyn, are looking forward to sharing our stories with you. We write Christian ficton that specializes in faith, adventure and hope. I love this quote from  Mary C. Findley’s review of Summer Storms.

If you dismiss Christian fiction as sappy or shallow or “chick lit,” you’ll miss really fine books like this one. 

It seems the characters in my books spend a lot of time eating so I have dedicated a page here to share recipes or just sit around the table with coffee or tea and chat, Come visit me on Kitchen Chat with Rebekah.

DiVoran has her own special place where she relaxes, its called her Potato Couch. One never knows what to expect. One day she may be penning poems the next she could be capturing life in watercolors. Don’t tell her I said this but you might also find her taking a creativity nap.
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Season of Faith by Rebekah Lyn


New Adult Christian FictionIn Summer Storms, the first book of the series, we are introduced to Elizabeth Reynolds, a young woman trying to put her life back together. The series explores a year in the life of Lizzie and her friends who live and work in what seems to be the tourist capital of the world, Orlando, Florida. You won’t find theme parks in these books but this one does have a theme! The theme is redemption and hope. The scripture that inspired me as I was writing was Psalms 27.

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Winters End by Christian author Rebekah LynWinter’s End is the sequel to Summer Storms. The story moves deeper into the lives of the familiar characters from Summer Storms with the addition of some new faces. Lizzie the main character in Summer Storms is deeply in love but discovers she still has some personal battles to overcome. The core Spiritual theme is accepting the forgiveness Christ freely gives to every believer. The theme scripture I chose is Colossians 1:13-14.

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Book 3

Spring Dawn is the third novel of the series and Lizzie emerges from her winter of doubt to accept the love of a handsome and strong Christian man. There is still one issue yet to be resolved, a secret one and it is tearing at Lizzie ‘s heart.



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Coming in November

Christmas Vows

Christmas Vow ebook small




Coastal Chronicles by Rebekah Lyn

Julianne by Christian Author, Rebekah LynJulianne is an all too familiar story of a young college graduate unable to obtain her dream job in her field of study. To complicate matters she has a wildly successful brother urging her to join him in his business and two men vying for her heart. The theme is self-esteem and knowing where it truly comes from. I chose Galatians 5:13 as the scripture.

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Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the moon landing Winner of the 2014 Patrick D. Smith Award for Florida authors.

A Shelf Unbound Notable Book for 2014

Winner of the Grace Award for Young Adult Christian Fiction

It is the 1960s and  Jessie’s family lives on pristine Merritt Island on the east coast Florida. It is a boy’s paradise with the added excitement of a front row seat to NASA’s fledgling space program.  With each successful launch, Jessie’s dream of one day riding  in one of those rockets grown. In a strange twist of fate, it is the space program and the momentum it gains that abruptly brings their beloved island life to an end.

 Jessie is the second stand-alone book in the Coastal Chronicles series.

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The Florida Springs Trilogy by DiVoran Lites


Saced Spring Cover-Website“It feels good when people appreciate your work. In the story of Sacred Spring Elaine Donovan’s natural campground in Florida is in danger of being destroyed along with her fulfilled lifestyle.


Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 12:19 AM

“I loved these words so much, I posted them on FB just to show them off. I could picture and feel every word.”

“Rays of sunlight penetrated the azure water, fracturing it into golden-rimmed squares of teal that undulated on the sandy bottom. She looked up to check on the eagles and there they were, enjoying a thermal above the tall trees. The leaves on the oaks were every conceivable color of green interspersed with red maple buds and silvery moss; they made a picture any artist would love to paint. If she ever prayed, it was to thank God for placing her here and to beg him to let her stay for as long as she lived.”

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Living Spring-WebsiteAs I wrote Sacred Spring I became fond of the characters and wanted to know more about some of the people I’d met, so while Living Spring isn’t an exact sequel, it does move the saga on.

This is Jean Schaeffer on her way to a new life:

Today I had stalled until the last minute to pack, then signed papers, and now we were hot, tired, hungry, and running late, not that anyone was waiting, but the sky grew darker by the moment. What could we expect? Summer was over and daylight savings time had flown. We probably should have stopped at a supermarket on the way, but I was afraid to get off the Interstate for fear of getting lost.

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Clear Spring the final book in the Florida Springs Trilogy in now available


Clear SpringMel Nicolaides, one of five children, has lived a happy, sheltered life at Living Spring in Florida. Her goal now, is to become as independent as possible. While her family heads for a vacation in Europe, Mel elects to stay at a remote North Florida spring to work. Her job is to illustrate a book about Seminole Indian medical and culinary herbs for an author whose Seminole name is Walking Woman. The revelation of a skeleton in Mel’s family closet, during her time there, however, forces her to find sources of strength she never knew existed.

From an Amazon review: I’d recommend you curl up in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea, cider, or hot cocoa and this book, because you’re not gonna want to put it down!!

I have only one negative to say…This is the last story in the trilogy! I always hate to say goodbye to the friends I’ve met and grown with. Another good one, DiVoran!! I can’t wait to see your next series!!




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