Rebekah Lyn’s Coastal Chronicals

The Coastal Chronicals is a series of stand alone books all set in coastal towns but don’t be surprised if a character from a former books puts in an appearance.

Like the Seasons of Faith series, these books will have a core of  Christian principle as well as a specific scripture. For Julianne I chose Galatians 5:3

For you, brothers, were called for freedom. Only don’t use your freedom for gain to the flesh, but through love be servants to one another


Julianne by Christian Author, Rebekah LynJulianne Finnegan lives in the shadow of her adored but wildly successful brother, Michael. Her professional life is a disaster, she has no sense of herself outside her family, and she can’t face another Monday. A chance encounter with Oliver, a handsome young actor, gives her the courage to leave her job and prove her real potential.

Julianne’s confidence soars as she meets the challenges of revitalizing the failing community theater. The time she spends with Oliver opens her eyes to a certainty she’s never known before, even in her successful brother. But as she starts to open her heart to Oliver, an old crush returns.

Gavin, a famous movie director, has been Michael’s best friend for years and loved her as a little sister. The excitement and passion Julianne has developed for the theater shocks him into realizing she is a child no longer, but a beautiful talented woman who has captured his heart.

Julianne is faced with some difficult choices. Will she choose glitz or a steadfast love?


Excerpts from Amazon Reviews

 “I love reading inspirational romance books.”

“Rebekah’s paragraphs are flled with descriptive scenes, interesting characters and solid faith that shines through her pages from beginning to end.”

“I loved Julianne coming into her skin and figuring out her feelings.”

“It is a great book for any young woman searching for the next step in her life. I love how the book tells the story of a woman growning from her past in doing it her way”

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A family in crisis, a boy with big dreams. Coming of age in the 1960s.

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the moon landing

Book 2 of the Coastal Chronicles

The four Cole boys suffer abuse at the hands of an alcoholic father, while largely being left to their own devices by a heartbroken and overworked mother. Their adventures on their island home have become a welcome escape, and one of the only things in life the boys can truly rely on. Jessie, the youngest and a dreamer, becomes enamored with US plans for manned space flight and its race to the moon, stirring his own dreams of one day becoming an astronaut. In a strange twist of fate, it is the space program and the momentum it gains that abruptly brings their beloved island life to an end. The family is forced to move to the city and start anew.

Life in town creates new challenges, including frequent fistfights with the school’s hardened bully, Alan Welty, the families worsening finances and the looming threat of Vietnam and the military draft for Max. All is not lost as Jessie finds support and encouragement from a teacher, Mr. Smith, who becomes his mentor.

An unexpected chain of events causes their estranged father to rethink his ways, professing a deep-hearted change. The family wants to believe him, but is it for real this time? Will Max, the eldest, ever be able to forgive his father for the years of abuse… and does Jessie find a way to connect with the father he hardly wants to know? The family’s road to healing lies in the balance.

Excerpts from Amazon Reviews

“I truly did love this read. The comradery shared amongst his brothers was more than amazing. I can only imagine the life in that time…being a mother working 3 jobs in a house with 4 teenage sons. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good story.”

“This book is a flashback to what we believe was a simpler time, but we get see through Jessie eyes that there was never a gentler time. Memories are seen through rose-colored glasses, and life is tough no matter what era we grow up in.”

“In Jessie, Rebekah Lyn takes the larger-than-life story of NASA’s space race and brings it down to earth by telling it through the eyes of one teenage boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut.”

“The core value and innocence of the era were captured very well. Kudos go out to Ms. Lyn on the ability to take your research and create the life and times of Jessie Cole.”

Excerpts from Goodreads Reviews

“Jessie surprised and delighted me. What started out as a simple boy’s dream emerged into a deep historical, emotional and spiritual journey sweeping through the sixties in NASA crazed Eastern Florida”

“I loved the way Jessie learned to survive and the relationship he had with his brothers was incredible. They really watched out for one another. I loved the positive male influences that Jessie had in his life.”

Excerpts from Barnes and Noble Reviews

“Jessie was a delightful change of pace for me and a very refreshing read. This coming-of-age story was steeped in the history and constant stream of change that is characteristic of the 60’s. This book holds a true sense of authenticity as it takes you on a nostalgic journey to the past.”

” I loved watching him grow, mature, and focus. I felt that these experiences, even Vietnam, were very true to history and the story progressed in a very realistic way.”


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