The Florida Springs Trilogy by DiVoran Lites

The Florida Springs Trilogy  by DiVoran Lites, are contemporary Christian romance novels set in a beautiful section of Florida known for it pure and natural cold water springs. Because DiVoran loves the natural beauty of God’s creation, these books have a strong conservation theme that will delight those who share her joy in nature.

Sacred Spring 

“If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way.” ~ Jesus, John 7: 38

Elaine Donovan’s forebears have owned the Sacred Spring campground in Central Florida for generations, and Elaine has become an environmentalist because of her love of nature and of the property. Duty weighs heavily on the twenty-three-year-old Elaine, as she now finds herself responsible not only for the decrepit campground, but for her young brother and aging grandfather as well. When she meets developer Hank Schaefer, she senses he may have answers for her, but discovers that his scheming female partner, Reva North, has other plans for the property. Elaine is then compelled to find her own inspiration that will preserve and fulfill her hopes and dreams.

Quotes from Amazon Reviews:

From a top 1000 reviewer”  Talented author DiVoran Lites will take you into the heart of the characters and allow you to get a panoramic feel for the emotions that run deep. Avail yourself to seasons in life that change, both outwardly and inwardly, and allow this book to lead you to a happy, restful ending.”

“Sacred Spring, the first book in author DiVoran Lites’ Florida Springs trilogy, was a delight to read and enjoy.” “I am half way through the book and it just gets better and better.”

“If you are looking for a pleasant afternoon read this is your book.”
             “The story has a great plot and I love her Characters”
“This story adroitly depicts the old Florida versus new development and “progress.” I am reminded of a little mix of Patrick Smith and Carl Hiaasen”
Sacred Spring is available on   Amazon          Amazon UK 

God places the lonely in families… Psalm 68: 6 New Living Translation (NLT)

Jean Schaefer has suffered from overwhelming anxiety for the past four years due to the death of her parents and an entanglement with her child’s father, which ended in a shocking rejection. She contracts for an original settler’s house in the woods near Living Spring, hoping to use the renovation process as therapy. She must now learn to live in new ways and to allow people into her life again. As the history of the old house, along with elements of her own past begin to surface, Jean finds herself fighting inner battles she thought she had buried forever.

Quotes from Amazon Reviews:

From a top 1000 reviewer:  “This book is solid and well written, well edited with memorable engaging characters. Keep them coming and I’ll keep buying them.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book – the second in Ms. Lites’ trilogy. Since I live in Florida, it is quite easy to picture the events as she describes them, around the swamps and springs.”

 “This series delivers more than great stories. The author, DiVoran Lites is a life-long lover of nature. In the Florida Springs Trilogy she will draw you into one of Florida’s most unheralded treasures, the beautiful natural springs.”

“DiVoran had me rooting for Nick and Jean, giggling with little Missy (as well as hurting for her that her daddy was such a jerk), and hating Richard. I am very much looking forward to Book Three in this trilogy”


Living Spring is available on  Amazon          Amazon UK 



“He brought me forth into a large place; he delivered me because he delighted in me.” ~ Psalm 18: 19

Mel Schaefer has lived a sheltered life in which she is beloved by a large happy family. But while her parents and siblings go to Europe for the summer, Mel gets a job, at a remote North Florida spring. There she begins  illustrating a botanical book while learning about Seminole Indian medicine and culinary herbs from its author. This is her opportunity to fulfill her deepest desire, which is to become an independent woman who needs no one. She throws herself into the experience with enthusiasm. But the sudden revelation of a family skeleton, forces her to find the rhythms of a power within herself that will never leave her.

Quotes From Amazon Reviews

I’d recommend you curl up in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea, cider, or hot cocoa and this book, because you’re not gonna want to put it down!!


I have only one negative to say…This is the last story in the trilogy! I always hate to say goodbye to the friends I’ve met and grown with. Another good one, DiVoran!! I can’t wait to see your next series!!


Just finished reading Clear Spring, now I’m wishing there were more books in the series. I hate saying goodbye to the people I ‘ve gotten to know from Sacred Spring, Living Spring and Clear Spring. I ‘ve enjoyed watching Elaine and her young brother Scotty from Scared Spring grow and mature and develop their lives. The cast of characters has grown from book to book and the romance and mystery has grown right along with them

Clear Spring is available on Amazon and Amazon UK


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