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Thank you for visiting Rebekah Lyn and Friends. DiVoran Lites and myself, Rebekah Lyn, are looking forward to sharing our stories with you. We write Christian ficton that specializes in faith, adventure and hope. I love this quote from  Mary C. Findley’s review of Summer Storms.

If you dismiss Christian fiction as sappy or shallow or “chick lit,” you’ll miss really fine books like this one. 

It seems the characters in my books spend a lot of time eating so I have dedicated a page here to share recipes or just sit around the table with coffee or tea and chat, Come visit me on Kitchen Chat with Rebekah.

DiVoran has her own special place where she relaxes, its called her Potato Couch. One never knows what to expect. One day she may be penning poems the next she could be capturing life in watercolors. Don’t tell her I said this but you might also find her taking a creativity nap.
All of our links are listed below. We hope you come back and chat with us about books, share a poem or a great new recipe.


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UPDATE May 17,2014

DiVoran and I created Rebekah Lyn Books with a vision to reach out to other authors who share our love of creating  literature that inspires as well as entertains. We have been blessed to welcome  inpirational author and speaker Janet  Perez  Eckles and Poet and teacher  Mary Harwell Sayler as featured authors. As featured authors, their works are shared here with links to their own websites.








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