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Christmas is my favorite time of the year for reading. The stories are filled with hope, joy and often romance. Last year I enjoyed reading Noelle’s Golden Christmas by Tamie Dearen, (You can read me review here) so when I learned she was releasing another Christmas novel, I jumped at the chance to share it with you.



This Christmas, Haley Martin may be harder to catch than her runaway dog.

Haley has a chance at her dream job working for Holiday, Inc. There’s only one drawback. Her ex-boyfriend, Gavin Holiday is her supervisor.

Seeing Gavin again makes her heart pound and her soul ache, yet Haley knows he deserves someone better. And her secret crisis of faith is only one of the reasons.

Add one very recalcitrant Basset Hound to all her other problems, and it looks like Haley is going to have a real hangdog holiday.

In the spirit of Hallmark Movies, this inspirational romantic comedy tells the story of two young believers, struggling to find faith and love in the midst of adversity.

I have to tell you, I love this book. The author created characters you can’t help loving as they tug at your heart in one chapter then  make you smile, and if you own a Bassett Hound, make you laugh. The story has all the drama and romance  a reader of Christmas novels could want with the added bonus of honest insight into the complexity of learning to not only talk about faith but making it a living, breathing part of one’s life. 


 author-squareTamie Dearen has been married to her very romantic husband since 1982. They have two beautiful daughters, two amazing son-in-laws, and one awesome grandson. She plays piano, flute, harmonica, keyboards, and guitar, and loves composing and art. And she hates housework. A dentist in private practice for thirty years, Tamie stays busy playing on her church’s praise team and teaching graduate students each week. In her spare time, she escapes to the world of books.


I am including links to all of Tamie’s books as well as her contact information. You might want to sign up for her newsletter too. She always seems to have something new to share or a giveaway going on.

Good news!

This wonderful author has released a holiday novel last year too. Be sure to check it out.

Noelle's Golden Christmas-03-kindle-recommended-size


Young Adult Fantasy

The Alora Series

Alora: The Wander-Jewel

Alora: The Portal

Alora: The Maladorn Scroll

Sweet Romantic Comedy

 The Best Girls Series

The Best is Yet to Come

Her Best Match

Best Dating Rules

Best Laid Plans

Best Foot Forward


A Rose in Bloom


Christian Romance

 The Holiday, Inc. Series

Noelle’s Golden Christmas

Haley’s Hangdog Holiday 





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  1. Thanks so much! I’m honored to be on your Christmas reading list!

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