Florida Fall, Does it Exist?

As a native Floridian I’ve always felt I’ve missed out on the autumn season. The fabulous colors of the trees before they go dormant for the winter, the drop in temperatures that make Fall festivals cozy and inviting, the ritual of putting away summer clothes and airing out the winter wardrobe, are not things we experience in Florida. I admit there are some trees that change color, but they don’t offer the vibrancy that I adore when I have a chance to spend time in North Carolina during the fall.
In Florida, the months of October and November are completely unpredictable when it comes to weather. We’re still in hurricane season and more often than not the temperatures are still in the upper 80s. Shortly after Hurricane Matthew blew through, battering coastal areas, we experienced our first night of cool weather. I came home from work and the instant I stepped out of the car the fragrance of a nearby fireplace tinged the air.  I couldn’t help but smile as I entered my own fireplace-less home, knowing that the holidays would soon arrive.
Surprisingly, there are more homes with fireplaces in Florida than one might imagine and the first hint of a chill always elicits at least one being ignited. I remember a childhood Christmas with the air conditioner blasting so we could enjoy the flickering magic as we opened our gifts.
Despite not being able to experience all the wonders of fall, it’s still my favorite season. This year I decided to see fall through new eyes and not dwell on what I don’t have. Instead I am finding joy in the sparse trees on my commute that are slowly changing color, taking heart in the slight drop in temperatures and throwing open the windows, enjoying the local pumpkin patch, and finding new recipes to test in anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sometimes taking a moment to stop and adjust our perspective allows us to see how wonderfully blessed we are.
Contrast of Florida Fall versus North Carolina Fall.
What is your favorite part of the season and what are you thankful for?
If you have browsed our books tab, you may have noticed that my Seasons of Faith series, which is set in Orlando, Florida does not include a Fall novel. The season is simply too short to set a novel, so I skipped forward to Christmas. Regardless of the weather, Christmas is alway a vibrant season in Florida.  Christmas Vows is currently on sale for 99 cents. Check back soon for an exciting chance to win a free digital copy.
Footnote: Western North Carolina is being ravaged by forest fires. Please pray for them to end soon and especially for the safety of the firefighter heroes.



  1. tarafairfield says:

    I grew up in California, so I know what it’s like to not have the fall colors and season change. Life in the warmth has it’s own advantages though.

  2. Fall is my favourite season, too. This year, we had a lot of vibrant colour. But as someone, somewhere said … can’t remember who … maybe it will come to me … “Winter is coming.”

  3. Having lived in Utah, California, Colorado, and now Texas, I find that we notice smaller changes in the seasons while living in a warmer climate. The cold climates get the dramatic sudden changes that are beautiful, but I see little things here in Texas. The trees are dropping their leaves and all our neighbors are bringing out their Xmas decorations. I flood the house with holiday music, make spiced apple cider and pumpkin pie. It does the trick and my arthritis doesn’t get as bad. LOL

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