Is Fall on the Way?

Some of the trees on my commute are starting to show red leaves. I’m not sure if they are harbingers of fall, a symptom of the lack of rain or a by-product of the scorching sun this summer. I’d like to believe the first, because fall is my favorite season & maybe that would mean cooler weather is coming.  

Of course fall means almost another year has passed and I still don’t have a first draft completed for my next novel, the sequel to Jessie. I’m not sure why I’m having trouble finishing this book. I could give you a list of excuses, but that’s all they are, nothing of substance. I find more research books to read, which opens up more questions, that need more research, and it can be an unending circle if I don’t pull back on the reigns.


I have learned some cool things, though. I wish I could intern with or shadow professionals in the fields I am writing about. Spending a day or two with an astronaut and a flight attendant would answer many of the questions I have in developing these characters.

Plus, the lure of baking is tempting me away from writing time. Maybe if indulge in some baking I will be inspired to write more. There’s usually a lot of food in my books, but this one is woefully bereft of scenes involving food. I think I have talked myself into baking a peach cobbler this week. I already have the peaches. Thanks for being my sounding board. I already feel the creative juices flowing again.




Exciting Update: I am going to have a chance to spend a few hours with an astronaut at Kennedy Space Center! The best part is that he flew during the timeframe that Jessie is set. I am hoping he can fill in some gaps, especially regarding Navy pilot training.

Yesterday’s explosion of the Space X rocket was a devastating loss. I heard the explosion, it sounded like the loudest sonic boom I had ever heard. I went down to the river and took at picture, It is posted on my Facebook Page.



  1. I enjoyed your post. I know how you must feel about Jessie, but I wonder if you’ll miss him when he leaves home. I’ll be interested to hear about your astronaut meeting. I saw the explosion yesterday because I was on 528 facing it. At first I thought it was the biggest sun I’d ever seen. What a terrible waste.

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