Believe: A Quest for Peace

Skyline photo by Mike Thomas

Skyline photo by Mike Thomas


I have lived and worked in Orlando for many years and my heart is broken for those whose lives were taken and the grief of the friends and families. My friend and creative collaborator Mike Thomas shared a song he wrote a few years ago and is re-releasing it. Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page, Mike Thomas Music

“Believe: A Quest For Peace (Song for Orlando)” – This is one of my songs I wrote about 3-4 years ago +/-. Please click on the image itself to listen. It’s a song of hope, peace and inspiration. I debated posting this. But this morning I decided after seeing how Orlando (and the country / world) is still suffering from the horrible events of Sunday morning June 12th, 2016, I decided I would share it in the hopes that it might offer …. I dunno ….. something along the lines of hope, compassion or direction as well as where we should be as a country – even a world. Please feel free to share the heck out of this. I want nothing from this except to offer my small attempt at comfort to those who need it. If you feel so inclined to donate anything, please consider the Go Fund Me Page for the victims of the Orlando Shooting that I just donated to. Peace – Mike T.


  1. Mike, this was very comforting, the script wonderful and the music arrangement beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Pam

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