Meditation Musing~Fear Not for I Have Redeemed Thee


Sailboat copy

Beloved child of mine,

Good morning. I know you. You are capable, you are wise, you are honorable, and all because of the Spirit of my son, Jesus. I love you so much I’m bursting with it. I’m standing by to help and comfort you. It is sometimes so hard for you to believe I truly do care about every small detail of your day, but I do. I’m not as interested in your wrong thinking or doing, as I am in being with you. Fear not my sweet pea, when you need correction I will make adjustments in and for you. You didn’t make this world and you’re not responsible for it. I made it. I am God. I Am omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, so what do you need to worry about?

Live each day, take each cruise, whether long or short, physical, mental, or spiritual, as if I were at the helm of your ship. I Am.

Taken from John 14: 6:6-7 MSG

“Fear Not,” with the Gaithers



  1. wow! great blog and song and art-loved it!

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