The Day of the Root Canal


Making Time

By DiVoran Lites

The Day of the Root Canal

DiVoran Lites


Today is the last day of April.
The showers have come down on time.
Love bugs are hugging the window.
And here I am looking for rhyme.
I need to stop in for panacea.
And visit the doctor there, too.
And then I’ll have lunch with my daughter.
It’s something that I love to do.


I hope I’ll get home for a rest.
I hope I won’t dream of my trials.
I hope that the dentist won’t hurt me.
With needles and grinders and files.

I know that you, Lord will go with me.
You’ll be there to comfort and ease.
I trust you with all of my troubles.
But let it be over soon, please.


  1. DiVoran’s computer has expired so I am thanking you for her. I have enjoyed every poem of your I have read.

  2. As both a dentist and a poet, I love it! 😀

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