IPhones and Promise Posters

I’ve had my iPhone for a while now. I’m always finding new uses for it, even though I don’t use it much as a phone. It is nice, however, to have it when I want to use it.

2My newest creative endeavor is to paint backgrounds for the promises God gives me. My friend, Onisha, can take a digital copy of a painting and add the words to it. We will be posting them in various places such as on Rebekah Lyn Books  and Old Things R New. Maybe we’ll post them on Face Book if this technological bumpkin (me) can figure out how to do it, or get some help.

I usually make a new drawing when I start journaling to show that I’m writing on a new day. That way if I’m looking back through the pages, the daily divisions are easy to spot.

As far as art is concerned, people often think that artists just sit down and draw or paint something straight out of their imagination. And it’s true for some, but most of the artists I’ve known need to look at something to remind themselves what the details look like. Today I wanted to draw a goldfish. All you techies out there will know what I did. I went to images on the internet and right there on my phone were all the goldfish I could ever want.

It’s the same with making notes. I’ve always had papers everywhere, with notes to myself, lists, and things to do. Finally, all my notes are in one place. You guessed it, on my iPhone.

I’ve written my promise for the day in longhand, which is my preference. Now I can speak it into an email on my phone, and it will go straight to my computer in print. The following is how it looks in my inbox. I’m trying to train myself to say, “comma” and “period” when I need either one.

Beloved, I am always talking to you tonight (tune-in), and you will see how much I love you once I tell you something the enemy will try to tell you I did not say it. That is when you need trust, which is part of you, in the same way, that your mind is part of you. Your trust can go to the positive or to the negative as can your mind. Make up your mind that when I have said something I mean it and you will gain the peace that passes understanding.

Also Colossians 3:15-17 (AMP)

 ◄ Numbers 23:19 ►

 New International Version

God is not human that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?


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