Couplets From a Broken Window


Couplets From A Broken Window

by Mary Harwell Sayler


In a war-torn home, a picture of Christ Jesus

holds a nimbus


around His head, facing the top

arch of the window, looking up,


as though He cannot believe

the fiery rain received


a few weary months ago. The pane

of glass reveals little trace of the pain


shown in His face at this distressing sight,

lit by an artist’s touch and such sharp shards of light.


© 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler from Outside Eden, published by Kelsay Books


  1. Brian Wakeman says:

    His hands outstretched
    Welcoming all who will come
    And drink of the water of life
    Hands that had been nailed,
    Wounded for our transgressions.

    He came that they might have
    This life, more abundantly.
    In his embrace feel the love
    Of the Father, forgiveness
    For all who will respond.

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