Worries-A Poem

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This poem is called “Worries” I read my Streams in the Desert Journal every day for the uplifting of my spirit it brings.  It’s fun to find things I’d forgotten about. On Jun 3, of this year, I found a poem I wrote on May 25, 2011. At one time I was writing in it just a night when I couldn’t sleep so the dates are mixed. I don’t care. Do you?

Worry is such a sin that right away when I begin, I shut down all my mind and strength and go to such an awful length to deny my worries, oh, and not to ask that they will go, but to bury them where they’ll most do harm and cause my soul a high alarm. Lately though, I start to think, if I’ll admit, I will not sink. So now I say, I’m worried Lord, please throw my worries overboard. He comes, He does, as I have asked, and soon my worries all have passed.

Admit it daughter and come to me . I’ll deal with pain and set you free.

“Let us pass away over unto the other side.”

Mark 4:35

How do you deal with worry?



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