I love My New Message Bible

I have a new BIble!

I look forward to visiting with you.

It’s before breakfast on a Tuesday morning. I’m going to have scrambled eggs and tea in a minute, so this will be quick, but I wanted to tell you something. I love The Message Bible. Bill has a large print copy, I have a large print copy, and I have it on Kindle and I have the Message Promise Book on Kindle and the Message Proverbs too. The desire of my heart was to have it on my IPod so I could listen to it when I take a walk, wait in waiting rooms, or drive my car. I’ve been waiting a long time for this item, to get it just right, so I could relax and soak in God’s word in mobile situations. I tried some other audio Bibles, but

Love this Bible

Love this!

had to return them because I didn’t care for the readers—they were too noisy, too busy. I like my Bible to just speak calmly and tell me what’s what. At last yesterday it all came together and I bought 76+ hours of Bible, called, The Daily Message from Navpress for a very reasonable amount of money.

The reader is a man, Kelly Ryan Dolan.I feel abundantly favored. Eugene Peterson, the translator of that version says that all through history people have been translating so that ordinary people could read and understand the Bible. Tyndale, one of the first translators said he wanted to make it so plain a plough-boy could read and understand it. (Of course. there are things we might not fully understand, but the Bible is for everybody, not just the literati. I listen to good novels and non-fiction in mobile situations too, so don’t think I’m going all pious on you. I’m like most people today, an input junkie. But it will be nice not to have to scramble for something uplifting to listen to. I’ve thought for a long time that my understanding of Psalm 37:4 is being expanded to: Trust the Lord and He will give you ideas of what he wants you to desire so he can fulfill those desires for you. Thank you, Lord.

Do you have a favorite translation?  I would so enjoy “chatting” about our favorites.



  1. I know DiVoran loves having her audio version of the Message Bible because she couldn’t stop raving about it this weekend. She was worried it took up so much room on her iPod and she would need another iPod for her regular audiobooks and music.

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