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Do you have any kind of conflict when you talk about yourself? We love to do it, but we don’t like to get caught at it, because we’ve been taught that it isn’t modest. Modest or not, I know how I feel about the authors I love. I want to know things. I went to the town in Scotland where my favorite writer, D. E. Stevenson, once lived and I stood looking at the gray two-story house that was hers. In a shop, I bought a pair of argyle socks as a remembrance, and besides, my feet were cold. I asked if the shop girl had ever heard of my idol. She had not. Dorothy Emily died years before the lass was born.

I still have the socks, but alas, there’s a tiny hole in the heel of one, and the toe is about ready to pop through the other. I still wear them, though, with shoes that won’t let the holes show. So here, for better or for worse are my interviews, which I must say I did enjoy mulling over. As I revisited the places in my past, both tangible and intangible I relived again some of the things which have made me reading and writing so enjoyable. I hope you like them, and I hope you love my books half as much as I love Mrs. Stevenson’s. (Yes, Robert Louis Stevenson was her kinsman.)


Old Things R New February 11, 2013

The Story of Sacred Spring could have been written without the faith element. Why did you choose to include faith?

Could it have been written without the faith element? Maybe, but I couldn’t have been the one to do it. Leaving God out is like leaving out the sun, the moon, and the stars. Way before there was ever such a thing as a “Christian Book Market,” there were writers who included their faith in their work. A great story is paramount, but to my way of thinking any book that turns out to be worthwhile is made up of what is called “moral fiction.” Moral is good, but why not take it just that logical next step and let God join the party. He wants a part in everything we do.


A Florida Natural Spring

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Indie Authors You Want to Read  April 28,2013

Which is your most favourite book ever?

 I’d have to say my favorite book is the best one I most recently read, which in this case is Sufficient Grace, by Darnell Arnoult.


Why hasn’t that down home woman written more novels?


What kind of music do you like?

As for music, I like many different kinds of music, but if I had to choose one type it would have to be classical-not too heavy, though, and with a great deal of variety.

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