Meditation Musing~A Note From Jesus

  A Note From Jesus by DiVoran Lites   Beloved, Keep on trusting Our Father, and Me. We are the real motivation, inspiration, and power in your life. Keep on doing your best to stay healthy, wealthy, and wise. We hear your prayers and we answer. My child, just as you enjoy homes and rooms and beautiful interiors. We enjoy homes in our children. They are … [Read more...]

Worries-A Poem

This poem is called "Worries" I read my Streams in the Desert Journal every day for the uplifting of my spirit it brings.  It’s fun to find things I’d forgotten about. On Jun 3, of this year, I found a poem I wrote on May 25, 2011. At one time I was writing in it just a night when I couldn’t sleep so the dates are mixed. I don’t care. Do you? Worry is such a sin that right … [Read more...]

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