Sweet Treats and Sweet Deals

Does anyone else crave sweets when they aren’t feeling well? The thought of regular food may turn my stomach, but a warm brownie makes me feel the tiniest bit better. The past few weeks I have barely had the energy to go to work, but every night I come home with this intense desire to bake. All of the fabulous recipes in the past two issues of Tea Time haven’t helped any … [Read more...]

God Constantly Renews

  I delight in the way God constantly renews us. Saturday, I was invited to a tea party at a lovely home in a beautiful subdivision north of town. It was a celebration for the launch of Jessie, Rebekah Lyn’s brand new book. We were all invited to wear hats, if we wished, which set the tone for our dress. At the last minute, I grabbed my only skirt – white, cotton, … [Read more...]

Rebekah Lyn Interviews

Authors need and appreciate interviews and I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by some very interesing people. The questions they ask encourage me to dig into my heart and motives for writing. I hope you enjoy the excepts; please consider visiting the websites not only to read the whole interview but enjoy and support these very kind hosts. The Christian … [Read more...]

Saturday Tea

Over the weekend I had the immense pleasure of appearing at another Afternoon Tea with the Author event. This time I was delighted to have my friend and fellow author, DiVoran Lites join me. We had a great time of fellowship with a group of Christian women and then shared about our adventures in writing and publishing. Even though I was one of the guests of honor, I … [Read more...]

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