Friday Reads~Beautiful Wreck

  Well friends, we made it. It is Friday! That means it's time to get our #FridayReads on and we have a fantastic author interview to share.  A big welcome  and congratulations to CeeCee James! She released the third book of her Wrecked and Yours Second Chances trilogy this week. Let's get the interview started. I enjoy reading novels that are part of a series. Tell our … [Read more...]

Funny How it Turned Out~A Writer is Born Finale

Funny how things turn out. For a while after Bill retired I felt I should do everything he wanted me to do and go everywhere he wanted me to go. But, although we got along well, I harbored secret dissatisfaction with our life together. Eventually we worked it out so that we were both free to do what we really wanted to do, even you might say, what we were born to do. Him to … [Read more...]

An Interview with the Women of Pendleton Petticoats

Our interview today is with three characters from Shanna Hatfield’s new historical series. Set in the western town of Pendleton, Oregon, the Pendleton Petticoats series highlights brave, determined women. During the early 1900s, Pendleton was a modern, progressive town, despite its Wild West reputation. In addition to 18 bordellos and 32 saloons, Pendleton offered residents … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring With a 99 Cent Sale

  We are celebrating Spring with a 99 Cents Sale! Three days only March 26,27 and 28 Living Spring  By DiVoran Lites AMAZON US    AMAZON UK … [Read more...]

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