Go West~The final chapter

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifty Seven The Final Chapter Ellie After supper, Ellie changed into work shoes so she could help clean the kitchen. She then walked out the back door to breathe some cool air. The moon spread its light over the fence, the barn, and the mountains. She should have been exhausted after all the excitement of the past few days, but at first, … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 29

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Nine Aldon When dinner was over, Aldon herded everyone onto the sidewalk in front of the hotel. Offering his arm to Molly, he checked his gang to make sure they were all there: Nancy and Gertrude, Signor and Signora Solano, Kate and Seraphina, and of course, Ellie. Enrico hadn’t come, and Signor Solano seemed sad about that. … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 27

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Seven Ellie   As Ellie’s spirit quieted, she began to see her surroundings again. When she looked up at the Ferris wheel she saw that it was slowing to a stop, and that someone was waving and calling to her from a gondola.   “It’s getting late and the Signora is probably wondering how to get a taxi back to the hotel.” Aldon … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 23

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Three Aldon-The train to Denver   One day Molly came out of Signor's office to tell Aldon the master wanted to see him. When he opened the door, Signor Solano motioned for him to be seated. “Aldon, I have ordered a Packard Six automobile for Father Contenti and I want you to go to Denver on the train and bring it home. … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 20

  Go West  by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Aldon's letter to Ellie's Family Dear Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Cameron, and Mrs. Morgan How do you do? It’s good to meet Ellie's family. I hope all of you are in good health and prospering. You have a fine daughter and granddaughter in Ellie, who has certainly made a place for herself here. This morning, she asked me to write you … [Read more...]

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