Announcing our August Book of the Month

via GIPHY I am deep into writing Virginia, the sequel to Jessie. Historical fiction requires a ton of research but I am loving it. Last year, I was honored and thrilled when Jessie received the Patrick D. Smith Literary Award for Florida fiction and I am excited about continuing the story from the point of view of Jessie's high school sweetheart. While Virginia will be … [Read more...]

Sweet Treats and Sweet Deals

Does anyone else crave sweets when they aren’t feeling well? The thought of regular food may turn my stomach, but a warm brownie makes me feel the tiniest bit better. The past few weeks I have barely had the energy to go to work, but every night I come home with this intense desire to bake. All of the fabulous recipes in the past two issues of Tea Time haven’t helped any … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring With a 99 Cent Sale

  We are celebrating Spring with a 99 Cents Sale! Three days only March 26,27 and 28 Living Spring  By DiVoran Lites AMAZON US    AMAZON UK … [Read more...]

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