Writing~What is Easy What is Hard

Mary Harwell Sayler, doyenne of Christian Poets and Writers has asked writers to tell her what we find easiest about writing and what is hardest for us. I’ve been thinking the questions over and I’d like to tell her these things. Blogs are easy for me, though I’m sure she’s not asking what genres we like or don’t like. But I’ll tell you why I find blogs such a pleasure to … [Read more...]

Beach Day Word Pictures

  Variety Yellow bananas, ripe tomatoes, crunch granola, cream soup with avocado slices, Rarity Artichokes pressured into giving up leaves, dip in mayonnaise, and scrape with teeth. Fun Green curly leaves of Romaine, black olives one for each child thumb and finger. Delightful Dark chocolate truffle-fragment melting. Close eyes to get full … [Read more...]

Green Anole, Robins and Cat Birds~Word Pictures

Word Pictures by Divoran Lites April 10,2014 Green Anole How does a lizard go along a chain-link fence? He weaves himself in and out. Robins and Catbirds Shh, take a glimpse at their underwear when they’re bathing. Robins wear white fluffy panties. Catbirds wear scarlet. … [Read more...]

Speaking Other Language

  Speaking Other Language By Mary Harwell Sayler What do we know of the cool brook’s rising slowly from its rock-source: trickling, winding, fading among the lilied grasses then suddenly splitting the tomb of another field where cows laze in live-oak shade, waiting good-naturedly for just such a miracle to happen?   © 2012, … [Read more...]

Celebrating Spring With a 99 Cent Sale

  We are celebrating Spring with a 99 Cents Sale! Three days only March 26,27 and 28 Living Spring  By DiVoran Lites AMAZON US    AMAZON UK … [Read more...]

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