A Day of Remembrance

I was in sixth grade at Apollo Elementary when the Challenger exploded. I don’t need a photograph to remember what it looked like that morning. We were in the school parking lot, watching with excitement, and we all knew something had gone terribly wrong. We raced to a teacher’s car and huddled around it, listening to the radio report for several minutes before we were ushered … [Read more...]

Super Easy Entry Giveaway

We have a super easy entry giveaway during the month long celebration of my new release Jessie. Since the story of  Jessie is wrapped into the early days of the space program and the US race for the moon, I put together a space themed gift bag worth more than $50.00. Of course, there has to be something personal too, so I added in a very pretty necklace as well as an … [Read more...]

Moon Landing 45th Anniversary

The countdown to the forty-fifth anniversary of the  Moon Landing and the release of Jessie has begun! Forty five years ago the world watched as Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins  and Neil Armstrong blasted off from Kennedy Space Center with the moon as their goal. Would they be able to land, what would the moon be like? Four days later they did indeed land as the world watched … [Read more...]

Sneek Peek Portal

Welcome to the 'sneak peek" portal for my newest novel Jessie.   After nearly two years of intensive research, writing and rewriting, I am pleased to announce Jessie will be available on July 20 in honor of the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. Pre-orders are now available at a special price of $1.99 a savings of 60% through Smashwords.com, Barnes and Noble and … [Read more...]

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