Super Easy Entry Giveaway

We have a super easy entry giveaway during the month long celebration of my new release Jessie. Since the story of  Jessie is wrapped into the early days of the space program and the US race for the moon, I put together a space themed gift bag worth more than $50.00. Of course, there has to be something personal too, so I added in a very pretty necklace as well as an … [Read more...]

What I learned from Rebekah Lyn’s Radio Interview

  Rebekah Lyn, Onisha, and Pam have been getting the word out about Rebekah’s new book, Jessie. Yesterday Rebekah Lyn and Onisha came to my house because they wanted to use a land-phone in order to give an interview for Will Wilson’s Indie Book Show. The three of us sat in the living room each watching our various timepieces and counting down to eleven a. m. when the … [Read more...]

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