Couplets From a Broken Window

Couplets From A Broken Window by Mary Harwell Sayler   In a war-torn home, a picture of Christ Jesus holds a nimbus   around His head, facing the top arch of the window, looking up,   as though He cannot believe the fiery rain received   a few weary months ago. The pane of glass reveals little trace of the … [Read more...]

Word Pictures~2

  Gone Pink-tinged, white azaleas filled the giant bush Then wilted and fell, one by one. Don’t worry, lavender plumbago in the wings.     Spring Herbs Beginning to peek over the tops of their boxes. Tiny yellow flowers of tarragon. Will we eat them?       Threatened Blue and gray scrub jays with … [Read more...]

Choosing Judah

  Choosing Judah from Genesis 49 by Mary Harwell Sayler   No matter how you brace yourself, your father’s death moves toward you like a sirocco, steering dust and famine. What do you want stirred before he dies? A word of love? Respect? Or at last, just an acknowledgement that, yes, you lived.   How quickly time has passed! As you gather … [Read more...]

Outside Eden

We have exciting news to share! Mary Harwell Sayler's new book of Bible poems  Outside Eden  Has just been released by Kelsay Press! Mary says "Of all my projects, this book means the most to me as it combines my two favorite subjects – the Bible and poetry." Mary Sayler’s new book of poems, Outside Eden, is filled with fervent, rounded visions of our exile and our … [Read more...]

It’s April~Word Pictures

It’s April   by DiVoran Lites But we still have poinsettias, One from 2011 One from 2012 Three from 2013 Some scrawny—all still scarlet, crimson, glowing RED.   … [Read more...]

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