The Story of a Gentle Music Man

We enjoy music in our church.  We had a good set of big band drums. Then our drummer left and someone moved in a set no one could play. They were digital drums and as ugly as a group of garbage can lids, only smaller. We prayed for a drummer, someone to keep the time. Last week, Tom, a veteran of Middle Eastern wars, put down his guitar and was trying to get the digital … [Read more...]

The Song of My Life

I love singing with the praise team at church. Our director has an astonishing talent. We are a small congregation, none of us  formally trained in music except for singing most of our lives. We do it all by ear, including the musicians. I’m not sure how we sound, but for me, singing is like art, I like to do well and be appreciated, but the most important thing is the doing of … [Read more...]

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