Meditation Musing~When Problems Come

  Beloved, You’ve asked me to reassure you that a troublesome health situation will be obliterated as soon as possible. That is what you want. You think you’ve seen enough pain and suffering in the lives of others and even in your own. But down deep you know that pain and suffering are part of the human condition. No one lives a trouble-free life. No one. This world is … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~Your Choice

      My Dear Child, Sometimes you suddenly realize that you’re going the wrong way. Perhaps you see that your motive isn’t clear or that your attitude is unproductive. That is when you know you’ve been veering onto the rebel way. Don’t allow this process of conviction, which is a good thing, to start you down the slippery slope of guilt and self-pity, … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~Come Home

  Seeking: Father God, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit, I hunger and thirst for familiarity with you. Finding: My Beloved Child, Come home. I smooth your path by removing the rocks, grading the gravel, and filling the ruts. I take down gates that block your way to Me. I open trails so that you may experience the good things I have laid out for you along the way. I give … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~God Advises Me About Prayer

  Beloved, Every time you consider asking what I think, you doubt that I have anything to say so you put off asking. You're not alone doing this, but if you choose, I will bring you to a place where it is easier for you to ask, seek, and knock, than to put Me off. Make decisions with your will and the mind of Christ which is in you.  Don't use your ego or your own prior … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~God Tells Me to Organize

      Dear pal, You were sitting in church yesterday listening to all the wonderful activities offered and thinking maybe you needed something more at this time of your life. You and Bill have kept a marriage going for fifty-eight years, you have made a living and kept a home. You have successfully reared two children and been a part of the lives of two … [Read more...]

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