Super Easy Entry Giveaway

We have a super easy entry giveaway during the month long celebration of my new release Jessie. Since the story of  Jessie is wrapped into the early days of the space program and the US race for the moon, I put together a space themed gift bag worth more than $50.00. Of course, there has to be something personal too, so I added in a very pretty necklace as well as an … [Read more...]

Sneek Peek Portal

Welcome to the 'sneak peek" portal for my newest novel Jessie.   After nearly two years of intensive research, writing and rewriting, I am pleased to announce Jessie will be available on July 20 in honor of the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing. Pre-orders are now available at a special price of $1.99 a savings of 60% through, Barnes and Noble and … [Read more...]

Jessie and Atlantis

I’m sitting beneath the Space Shuttle Atlantis. My eyes burn and my heart aches with pride and sadness. Our country worked so hard and sacrificed so much to conquer space. There are not words to accurately express the wash of emotions I have felt today. Poignant sadness at the reminders of those we have lost. Soaring joy and excitement at the recreation of the moon landing. Awe … [Read more...]

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