Is Fall on the Way?

Some of the trees on my commute are starting to show red leaves. I'm not sure if they are harbingers of fall, a symptom of the lack of rain or a by-product of the scorching sun this summer. I'd like to believe the first, because fall is my favorite season & maybe that would mean cooler weather is coming.  Of course fall means almost another year has passed and I still don't … [Read more...]

What I learned from Rebekah Lyn’s Radio Interview

  Rebekah Lyn, Onisha, and Pam have been getting the word out about Rebekah’s new book, Jessie. Yesterday Rebekah Lyn and Onisha came to my house because they wanted to use a land-phone in order to give an interview for Will Wilson’s Indie Book Show. The three of us sat in the living room each watching our various timepieces and counting down to eleven a. m. when the … [Read more...]

Jessie and Atlantis

I’m sitting beneath the Space Shuttle Atlantis. My eyes burn and my heart aches with pride and sadness. Our country worked so hard and sacrificed so much to conquer space. There are not words to accurately express the wash of emotions I have felt today. Poignant sadness at the reminders of those we have lost. Soaring joy and excitement at the recreation of the moon landing. Awe … [Read more...]

Researching Jessie Has Been More Fun Than I Ever Imagined

Researching my current work in progress, Jessie, has been more fun and educational than I could have ever imagined. I grew up in the shadow of the Space Shuttle program. Nearly everyone I knew had a family member working at Kennedy Space Center, and we were all personally touched by the Challenger disaster, and yet, there was so much I didn’t know about the early years of this … [Read more...]

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