My End Time

We’ve been talking with our grown kids about the end times—our end times. We’re not going to live forever—surprise, surprise, and we want things to be as easy for them as possible when either of us goes, especially their last parent, whichever that may be. We’ve written a simple will and had it checked out with our lawyer, even though there’s not a lot to leave. The next … [Read more...]

A Dugout in the Desert

  By the time I depart for heaven, the journals I in my closet will have multiplied to over a hundred. It may hold that many now. So what will happen to the many books I’ve written over time? Will anyone ever want to read them? The dear ones in my family have listened to me for all, or most, of their lives. They pretty well know what I think, and what I’m going to … [Read more...]


It is a good thing to get things off your chest, journaling or talking to a trusted friend are the best ways. However, if something is ultra private, and secret, the best thing to do is to write it out, rip it out, shred it, and dispose of it. That way you have the benefit of the writing and the insight, which will immediately or eventually come to you, and privacy. You have … [Read more...]

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