Michael Findley Interviews DiVoran Lites

Michael Findley, blogger at Elk Jerky for the Soul, author of fiction and Bible studies interviewed DiVoran Lites on his website August 28,2013. I have included some of the hightlights below. Tell us about things you enjoy – what you do for fun or personal satisfaction. Writing is the greatest enjoyment in my life. But, I love to read fiction and non-fiction as well. I like … [Read more...]

DiVoran Lites Interviews

Do you have any kind of conflict when you talk about yourself? We love to do it, but we don’t like to get caught at it, because we’ve been taught that it isn’t modest. Modest or not, I know how I feel about the authors I love. I want to know things. I went to the town in Scotland where my favorite writer, D. E. Stevenson, once lived and I stood looking at the gray two-story … [Read more...]

Rebekah Lyn Interviews

Authors need and appreciate interviews and I have had the pleasure of being interviewed by some very interesing people. The questions they ask encourage me to dig into my heart and motives for writing. I hope you enjoy the excepts; please consider visiting the websites not only to read the whole interview but enjoy and support these very kind hosts. The Christian … [Read more...]

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