Meditation Musing~No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

        John 15:1 Beloved Mortal Scribe: DiVoran Are you still trying to please other people? It’s all right if you’re taking into account their problems, trials, and tribulations and helping where I say to help. If measuring up to their expectations, however, is your major goal, I have a surprise for you! Here it is; I didn’t put you on this earth … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~Stars

Beloved, I place you in peoples lives when you need them and they need you. Few relationships, no matter how intense at the beginning, last the rest of your life as many marriages and real friends do. When your world meshes with someone else's and the work I had in mind gets accomplished, the relationship can go into storage for years or perhaps forever. This is especially … [Read more...]


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Bacon, Eggs and Eavesdropping

  I mentioned on Face Book that after I had my blood drawn for routine blood work, that I’ve been putting off since last year, we went for bacon, eggs, toast, jelly, and coffee. Delicious after fasting since I got up two hours before. The diner style café was one of a modern chain, but the clients at the table next to us gave it a down home, old timey feel. First … [Read more...]

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