Busy, Productive and Slightly Confused

Thanksgiving weekend was very busy and productive for DiVoran and I. I was deep into finishing the rough draft for my next novel Jessie and DiVoran launched, Clear Spring her final book in the Florida Springs Trilogy We were so busy in fact our emails indicate we seemed  to have had some mental lapses.   I'm so happy to hear that Jessie if finished and I'm really … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Written a Letter to God?

  The best bit of advice I ever got was to write a letter to God. Why? Well, it got me started communicating with Him and by default with myself. I’ve written a letter to him almost every day since about 1970 or so. Some were short, most were several pages long. I learned from doing it that God is always there for me and he doesn’t care what I say or how long it … [Read more...]

DiVoran Lites Interviews

Do you have any kind of conflict when you talk about yourself? We love to do it, but we don’t like to get caught at it, because we’ve been taught that it isn’t modest. Modest or not, I know how I feel about the authors I love. I want to know things. I went to the town in Scotland where my favorite writer, D. E. Stevenson, once lived and I stood looking at the gray two-story … [Read more...]

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