What to do when feeling overwhelmed.

  Life ain’t all roses. Did God say that? I think He did The other morning, hubby and I walked hand in hand to the park for our morning exercise stroll. “It’s going to be a stressful day,” he said, “got a report to finish and don’t have all the information…” He went on and on. Then, as we always do while we walk, we prayed together. A bit ashamed to admit this, but … [Read more...]

Welcome Crystal Walton

Have you ever been forced to relinquish control? I mean, really forced. As in, there’s simply no option other than to let go. All that seemed certain now feels shaken. During my freshman year in college, my residence hall ventured on a team building exercise spelunking in a PA cavern. One by one, we crawled into the small opening in the ground while the person in front of us … [Read more...]

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