The Fourth of July

To celebrate the Fourth of July, I decided to share an excerpt from my new novel, “Go WestGo West.” This chapter is written in Aldon's voice as he writes to his brother in "Hollywood Land."       Go west 32 The Fourth of July By DiVoran Bowers Lites Aldon The town council voted to spend a lot of money on pyrotechnics this year. About dusk, we workers … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 23

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Three Aldon-The train to Denver   One day Molly came out of Signor's office to tell Aldon the master wanted to see him. When he opened the door, Signor Solano motioned for him to be seated. “Aldon, I have ordered a Packard Six automobile for Father Contenti and I want you to go to Denver on the train and bring it home. … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 20

  Go West  by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Aldon's letter to Ellie's Family Dear Mr. Cameron, Mrs. Cameron, and Mrs. Morgan How do you do? It’s good to meet Ellie's family. I hope all of you are in good health and prospering. You have a fine daughter and granddaughter in Ellie, who has certainly made a place for herself here. This morning, she asked me to write you … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 9

 Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Nine Ellie Aldon drove the Ford in next to the barn and and Pastor Rudd pulled his Stutz up behind them. Molly, Kate, and Seraphina got out and Ellie followed them to the house. A moment before she went up the back steps, she turned to see what the men were doing. Aldon, the Signor, and Enrico stood next to Pastor Rudd, who had lifted the … [Read more...]

Go West Chapter 5~Aldon

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Five Aldon “Ah yes, my new compagno.” Lia stepped into the hallway and embraced Miss Morgan saying, “Welcome, we will have wonderful time together.” Aldon had learned that compagno meant companion, so apparently Signora had big plans for using the newly hired Chicagoan. Molly, however, meant to use her for a kitchen maid. In all this … [Read more...]

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