Announcing our August Book of the Month

via GIPHY I am deep into writing Virginia, the sequel to Jessie. Historical fiction requires a ton of research but I am loving it. Last year, I was honored and thrilled when Jessie received the Patrick D. Smith Literary Award for Florida fiction and I am excited about continuing the story from the point of view of Jessie's high school sweetheart. While Virginia will be … [Read more...]

Florida Bookstore Day at The Book Rack

    Yesterday I went to our small downtown, here in Titusville, to the Book Rack for Florida Bookstore Day. I packed twenty-seven Florida Springs Trilogy books in an Office Depot cart. I should have ordered the extra three earlier because they didn’t come in time for the book signing. I arrived after the other four writers did, partly because I had to go back in … [Read more...]

The Magic of Falling Leaves

  There is something enchanting, magical even, about falling leaves. They don't just flutter to the ground, they dance and whirl, as if enjoying their freedom. Even when they land they aren't content to lie still, they take flight again in a gust of wind or in the wake of a speeding car. I could watch this ballet for hours, except you never know where the next show will … [Read more...]

Finding Our Way Back

  When our children were young, Bill and I loved to go camping at the springs and when the kids became teens, we took one Sunday off each month to camp, because Renie and Billy, and Bill and I were all so busy we didn’t have time to be together, or to talk. Yes, we missed church once a month, but we usually had a sweet service of our own, and everything turned out fine in … [Read more...]

A Writer is Born~Part 3

  Bill and I got engaged and he continued with his plan to go into the Navy while I started college at the University of New Mexico. I loved my history class because the teacher was a great storyteller. I dropped out of college, however, at the end of my freshman year to marry my soul-mate, Bill. We’ll celebrate our fifty-seventh wedding anniversary September 6, 2014. I … [Read more...]

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