Thank you for visiting Rebekah Lyn and Friends. DiVoran Lites and myself, Rebekah Lyn, are looking forward to sharing our stories with you. We write Christian ficton that specializes in faith, adventure and hope. I love this quote from  Mary C. Findley's review of Summer Storms. If you dismiss Christian fiction as sappy or shallow or "chick lit," you'll miss really fine … [Read more...]

Why Am I Here Cleaning Toilets

    The kitchen is all mine again and now the laundry is Bill’s. When he first retired he dabbled in both. I remember him and his engineer friend discussing how they did the laundry. I’m glad I got washing the dishes back. I do have a dishwasher and I really like to use it, but you still have quite a few things to clean up in the kitchen, especially after … [Read more...]

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