What to do when feeling overwhelmed.

  Life ain’t all roses. Did God say that? I think He did The other morning, hubby and I walked hand in hand to the park for our morning exercise stroll. “It’s going to be a stressful day,” he said, “got a report to finish and don’t have all the information…” He went on and on. Then, as we always do while we walk, we prayed together. A bit ashamed to admit this, but … [Read more...]

Meditation Musing~Fear Not for I Have Redeemed Thee

  Beloved child of mine, Good morning. I know you. You are capable, you are wise, you are honorable, and all because of the Spirit of my son, Jesus. I love you so much I’m bursting with it. I’m standing by to help and comfort you. It is sometimes so hard for you to believe I truly do care about every small detail of your day, but I do. I’m not as interested in your … [Read more...]

Worries-A Poem

This poem is called "Worries" I read my Streams in the Desert Journal every day for the uplifting of my spirit it brings.  It’s fun to find things I’d forgotten about. On Jun 3, of this year, I found a poem I wrote on May 25, 2011. At one time I was writing in it just a night when I couldn’t sleep so the dates are mixed. I don’t care. Do you? Worry is such a sin that right … [Read more...]

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