Meditation Musing~Stars

Beloved, I place you in peoples lives when you need them and they need you. Few relationships, no matter how intense at the beginning, last the rest of your life as many marriages and real friends do. When your world meshes with someone else's and the work I had in mind gets accomplished, the relationship can go into storage for years or perhaps forever. This is especially … [Read more...]

Finding Our Way Back

  When our children were young, Bill and I loved to go camping at the springs and when the kids became teens, we took one Sunday off each month to camp, because Renie and Billy, and Bill and I were all so busy we didn’t have time to be together, or to talk. Yes, we missed church once a month, but we usually had a sweet service of our own, and everything turned out fine in … [Read more...]

A Writer is Born~Part 4

  Our little girl grew up to be sweet, successful, and smart and she married a good man, just as our son married an excellent woman.   I met Mary Harwell Sayler when she came to teach at a writer’s conference run by our church. Mary is a consummate poet and wonderful teacher and I drank poetry, the reading and the writing of it, like a person dying of thirst. … [Read more...]

My End Time

We’ve been talking with our grown kids about the end times—our end times. We’re not going to live forever—surprise, surprise, and we want things to be as easy for them as possible when either of us goes, especially their last parent, whichever that may be. We’ve written a simple will and had it checked out with our lawyer, even though there’s not a lot to leave. The next … [Read more...]

Multi-tasking Time

  Make time. Take time. Hurry up. Slow down. Not enough time. Give something up. But what? Life is a pleasure. Life is a joy. Nothing is dispensable. More is better. Even petting cats takes time. Brushing teeth, conversing… I want to do it all. But one thing at a time. Slowly So I can savor it.   … [Read more...]

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