Go West~The final chapter

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifty Seven The Final Chapter Ellie After supper, Ellie changed into work shoes so she could help clean the kitchen. She then walked out the back door to breathe some cool air. The moon spread its light over the fence, the barn, and the mountains. She should have been exhausted after all the excitement of the past few days, but at first, … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 39

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Thirty-Nine Ellie and Vera Vera kept talking long after Ellie’s heart had slid into her stomach. Now she wanted the tale to go back to being a secret, but it was too late. Elegant Mr. Louis Norton had used her mother and discarded her. The result was that Ellie was illegitimate. She knew bad names existed for children whose parents … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 37

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Thirty-Seven Family Comes to Visit Ellie   It was almost the end of summer -- round-up time when Ellie drove to the station to meet her mother and grandparents off the Chicago train. The mountains, as yet, had no snow on them, but she knew from the talk around the table that Aldon was planning to bring the cattle down this … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 35

Go West  by DiVoran Lites Chapter Thirty-five Ellie “Where were you born? “ Ellie sat with her back against the head of the bed while Nancy lay flat. “My people came from Germany in 1876 and built this ranch,” said Nancy, so I was born on a neighboring ranch. “My mother and her sister were born here in Colorado, but the stork dropped me in Chicago.” Ellie settled in for a … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 28

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Twenty Eight Ellie   “Lia requests the pleasure of your company in her suite.” Ellie told Molly at the door to her bedroom. “Suite is it?” Molly placed her hands on her hips and stood staring at Ellie as if she were a stranger. “Please. She wants to be friends. After all it’s your birthday.” Ellie tented her hands under her … [Read more...]

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