What I learned from Rebekah Lyn’s Radio Interview

  Rebekah Lyn, Onisha, and Pam have been getting the word out about Rebekah’s new book, Jessie. Yesterday Rebekah Lyn and Onisha came to my house because they wanted to use a land-phone in order to give an interview for Will Wilson’s Indie Book Show. The three of us sat in the living room each watching our various timepieces and counting down to eleven a. m. when the … [Read more...]

Jargon, We All Use It

  I’m saved? Are you? What does that mean? A whole raft of people could tell you, but many more could not. Why? Because I’m saved, is jargon. So what is jargon? It’s a code, a language. It’s quick, it’s easy, and everybody in our circle knows what we’re talking about. That’s fine as long as we don’t mind excluding people who aren’t in the know. What’s up? Are you … [Read more...]


It is a good thing to get things off your chest, journaling or talking to a trusted friend are the best ways. However, if something is ultra private, and secret, the best thing to do is to write it out, rip it out, shred it, and dispose of it. That way you have the benefit of the writing and the insight, which will immediately or eventually come to you, and privacy. You have … [Read more...]

Writing Tip by Divoran~Pumpkin Soup

  The holidays are on their way. We like to start planning early. This year we’re doing a de-construction menu. What you do is make different dishes from traditional recipes. For instance, you might make a turkey casserole with dressing and cranberries instead of a roasted turkey with stuffing inside. You can find recipes to use or you may make up your own. I think … [Read more...]


  I have re-read the letters Bill wrote me while he was stationed aboard ship in the Navy in 1958. They are pretty much the same as the ones Dad sent Mother in 1945 during World War II. I suppose a service person’s life can be full of monotony even in wartime. Receiving messages from home or from loved ones far away is by far the most wonderful, the most exciting, … [Read more...]

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