Clean Indie Reads March Madness Blog Hop

  It’s been a little more than three years since I hit the publish button on my first book, Summer Storms. Since then I’ve met an amazing cover designer, an editor who understands exactly what I’m trying to say even when I have buried it under layers, and a number of supportive individuals who have provided encouragement when I’ve hit a brick wall. Now, with my fifth … [Read more...]

Going on Now

  It's  Cyber Week!!  Clean Indie Reads the home of  Fabulous Flinch Free Fiction is having a Christmas sale! The book prices will cover a range of prices from free and above.  What do we mean by Flinch Free Fiction? It is based on three points: 1.   They contain no erotica or sexually explicit scenes. . 2.   They contain no graphic violence or gore.  3.   The authors … [Read more...]

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