Christmas Reading

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year for reading. The stories are filled with hope, joy and often romance. Last year I enjoyed reading Noelle's Golden Christmas by Tamie Dearen, (You can read me review here) so when I learned she was releasing another Christmas novel, I jumped at the chance to share it with you.   This Christmas, Haley Martin may … [Read more...]

A Christmas Banquet~’Tis the Sneezin

It's crunch time. Christmas is only one week away. Have you kicked up your Christmas reading? I know I have.  Today we have a treat to finish off the Christmas Banquet. Ava Mallory's cozy mystery series makes a stop in a small town at Christmas. I am sad that today is the last time I will be asking this question. Tell us, Ava, why did you decide to set this installment of your … [Read more...]

Seaside Christmas

  Seaside Christmas by Stacy Claflin He can’t stand her. She thinks he’s crazy. Will their feelings stay etched in permanent ink? Cruz Hunter has always stuck out in his small hometown. Now that he’s covered in tattoos, the residents peg him as even more of an outcast. It seems like the whole world is against his dream of opening a local tattoo parlor. When he finally … [Read more...]

A Christmas Banquet~Ino’s Love

  27  reading days until Christmas and have we got a treat for you! Marianne Sciucco has a wonderful short for us today, Ino's Love.  It is a story of a mother's uncondtional love and exemplifies I Corinthians chapter 13. Marianne, share with us why you chose to write a Christmas story. Christmas is a special time for me, a time to celebrate all that is good about the … [Read more...]

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