The Day of the Root Canal

  The Day of the Root Canal DiVoran Lites   Today is the last day of April. The showers have come down on time. Love bugs are hugging the window. And here I am looking for rhyme. I need to stop in for panacea. And visit the doctor there, too. And then I'll have lunch with my daughter. It’s something that I love to do.   I hope I’ll get home for a rest. I … [Read more...]

Divine Cardiology

Divine Cardiology by Mary Harwell Sayler Love pours from the veins, rushes through blood cells parting a red sea. Your infusing love transfuses me, induces me to come home: In God's heart are many chambers. C 2014, Mary Harwell Sayler from Outside Eden, published by Kelsay Books … [Read more...]

Word Pictures

Word Pictures March 22, 2014 By DiVoran Lites Skylight from Couch White clouds against blue sky Squirrel on roof peeking down.  Night bird Chuck-will’s-widow, whippoorwill, cheering the night. Cosmos Bright yellow cosmos growing everywhere, add purples and whites. Sandhill Cranes Four sandhill cranes come to dance for us on Thanksgiving Day The … [Read more...]

Exciting News

We learned some exciting news this week! Kelsay Books has contracted with our Mary Harwell Sayler for two books. Outside Eden,  Bible-based poems and Beach Songs & Wood Chimes  a book of poems for children. No definite date has been set as yet, but the editor has said they will be published this year. Congratulations Mary! Please click HERE  for a handy link to Mary's … [Read more...]

Triage Trio

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Trio is His name. The Father sent His Son to earth. Jesus took our blame. Holy Spirit comes to comfort, Triage is His aim. … [Read more...]

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