Meditation Musing~Beloved Child

    Hebrews 11:1 Beloved Child With a word, I designed and built the world. You can see that world which I created, but you can't see Me. I put that knowledge in you when I created you. Deep down, you know I am here for you. You can talk to Me anytime. I'm listening and I care. Just think, someone you can't see created something you can see. Knowing that is … [Read more...]

Random Problem Solving and Planning

Random Problem Solving and Planning By DiVoran Lites Input Intuition Propinquity Research Synchronicity Scribing Sounding board Still small voice Eureka!     … [Read more...]

I’m Beginning to Figure it Out

    Things are coming together for my art now, things I couldn’t figure out before. It’s difficult for me to write and do art on the same pages, but now I think I’ll go ahead and take some of my Biblical paraphrases from my regular journal and put them in my visual one with drawings and beautiful colors. They’re just the ticket when I need something to remind me … [Read more...]

My West

    Thanks for mountain, creek, and pine. Thanks that all of this was mine. Thanks for Shetland, sorrel, bay. Thanks for every sunny day. Thank you for the high, clear air, Thunderstorms and breezes fair. Thanks for folks, stoic and brave. Give pardners a hearty wave. Take me where the West begins Please don’t ever fence me in. … [Read more...]

Multi-tasking Time

  Make time. Take time. Hurry up. Slow down. Not enough time. Give something up. But what? Life is a pleasure. Life is a joy. Nothing is dispensable. More is better. Even petting cats takes time. Brushing teeth, conversing… I want to do it all. But one thing at a time. Slowly So I can savor it.   … [Read more...]

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