A Christmas Banquet~Noelle’s Golden Christmas

To celebrate Thanksgiving weekend and the official start of the Christmas season, we are offering up a second helping of Christmas reads today. My mom, Onisha  had the pleasure to read Noelle"s Golden Christmas by author Tamie Dearen and she says it is a winner! 26 Reading Days until Christmas! So, Tamie, the question I always want answered, what was your inspiration to write … [Read more...]

A Christmas Banquet~Ino’s Love

  27  reading days until Christmas and have we got a treat for you! Marianne Sciucco has a wonderful short for us today, Ino's Love.  It is a story of a mother's uncondtional love and exemplifies I Corinthians chapter 13. Marianne, share with us why you chose to write a Christmas story. Christmas is a special time for me, a time to celebrate all that is good about the … [Read more...]

A Christmas Banquet~ Holiday Heros, Book 1

35 days until Christmas Plenty of time for more Christmas tales and today we have a novella to snack on. Holiday Heros, Book 1: Michael by Nese Ellyson I have to know, Nese, what inspired you to write a Christmas novel? Nese: My inspiration for this book was really a desire to write a series of holiday books with the Hero’s saving the Holiday’s and the three men all having … [Read more...]

A Christmas Banquet~A Mountain Man’s Redemption

    Today marks the kick-off of our Christmas Banquet! We only have 56 days to feast before the big day arrives so let's get started! A Mountain Man's Redemption by Christi Corbett.  Christi, tell us why you chose to set your book during the Christmas season. Christi Corbett: A Mountain Man’s Redemption takes place the week before Christmas, 1886. Hannah is … [Read more...]

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