Go West~Chapter 54

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifty Four Aldon “Where’s Enrico,” asked Molly as Aldon entered the kitchen? “He’s been going to the saloon every night and missing supper. Sure’n a growing boy needs to eat.” Aldon began to think about Enrico’s whereabouts and how he might be connected with the kidnapping of Ellie and Lia. If he’d been going to the saloon, then he’d been … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 41

  Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Forty-one Aldon It was time for fall round-up, and Aldon was anxious to move the cattle down the mountain before they decided to move themselves. The three-year-old cows had such a strong homing instinct that if no one came for them by the end of summer they’d start down on their own. He knew if that happened the cattle could fall … [Read more...]

Go West~Chapter 15

    Go West  by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifteen Aldon When supper was over and the clean up finished, Aldon decided to hike up to the beaver pond for a bath. He grabbed a bar of Molly’s homemade soap, and an old towel from his saddlebag and joined Joe and Dieter on the trail. At the pond, the men raced to see who could get into the water first. Joe had to stop … [Read more...]

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