Only So Many Hours

Lately I’m seeing how much God wants me to let my spirit meld into his. I’m seeing that he won’t punish me, hurt me, or give me more than I can handle. I’m seeing that His will is my true will and my true will is His will. God is love, nothing else, nothing less. It hasn’t always been like this. At one time, I so wanted to impress God, and other people, with my spirituality … [Read more...]

Do You Keep a Diary?

  I’m reading a thick book called, A Diary of the Century by Edward Robb Ellis. He started keeping a diary in 1927 when he was seventeen and had boxes full of his writings when he died at 83. I’m just to the part where he got his first full-time job for Associated Press in New Orleans when Huey Long was trying to become the dictator of Louisiana. Eddie speaks of The … [Read more...]

Jargon, We All Use It

  I’m saved? Are you? What does that mean? A whole raft of people could tell you, but many more could not. Why? Because I’m saved, is jargon. So what is jargon? It’s a code, a language. It’s quick, it’s easy, and everybody in our circle knows what we’re talking about. That’s fine as long as we don’t mind excluding people who aren’t in the know. What’s up? Are you … [Read more...]

Synchronicities in Life

I learned the word synchronicity when I started studying the concept of creativity. I’ve probably given it some added meaning over the years of being acquainted with it. To me, a synchronicity is a simultaneous, coincidental, serendipitous happening engineered by God. It’s always a thrill to experience one. … [Read more...]

A Need to Support My Writing Habit

When I started writing, I thought I’d to make some money, but that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe I have the wrong attitude. Maybe I don’t care enough about money. No, really, I love to live comfortably, have plenty to eat, a decent car to drive, go shopping now and then. I do like finding pretty, unusual clothes at thrift shops. Still as long as my basic needs are overmet, I don’t … [Read more...]

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