Collar and the Cavvarach by Annie Douglass Lima

I am pleased to host fellow Clean Indie Reads author, Annie Douglas Lima as she reveals the cover for her soon to be released novel. Annie has an interesting life. She  spent most of her childhood in Kenya and later graduated from Biola University in Southern California. She and her husband Floyd currently live in Taiwan, where she teaches fifth grade at Morrison Academy. She … [Read more...]

Solitary confinement: What I learned about it while writing “Robbed of Soul”

We are pleased to welcome author Lois D Brown . She has a new book and a phenmomenal giveaway! Maria Branson, the protagonist of my latest novel, Robbed of Soul, sees ghosts. No, she’s not psychic. She suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after being in solitary confinement for eight months in Tehran. Before doing research about solitary confinement and PTSD,  I … [Read more...]

A Rose in Bloom

I discovered Tamie Dearen's novels when I read Her Best Match, a lively Rom-com whose main character is a mature woman. I enjoyed it so much, I downloaded the entire series and have designated them my "emergency reads". You know the type I am talking about.  The hormones are out of balance, everything annoys you and you can't decide if you want to cry or yell.  I am pleased … [Read more...]

Pampas Grass Days

  Every September the pampas grass plumes were way up over the children’s heads as they set out for school on their bikes. One year when grandmother and granddad visited from California it was hot, but grandmother had crocheted a white poncho for Renie. Renie was wearing it and sweating when she got on her bike to leave for school. One year when Billy came home he was … [Read more...]

CrossReads Book Blast with Paula Rose Michelson

No Other Choice: The Naomi Chronicles, Book One By Paula Rose Michelson About the Book: Naomi will be sent back! She left her family and all she held dear, traveled half way around the word while accompanying a blind, old grandmother because they promised to help her enter America and find her uncle. Instead they handed her over to immigration. What she does now, she does … [Read more...]

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