Go West~Chapter 51

Go West by DiVoran Lites Chapter Fifty-One   Ellie When Ellie and Lia were finally allowed to get off the horses, they found themselves inside a large cave on the edge of a cliff. Furstus and Lastus unpacked the horses and made a fire. “You can kill that one if you want to,” said Lastus, “but this one is my little darling’ and you ain’t touching her. I saw her first … [Read more...]

Promise Poster~God Talks

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Promise Poster~I Will Bring the Blind by a New Way

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Writing? Don’t Make It a Big Deal

Julia Cameron in The Right to Write, tells us emphatically that we will write better if we don’t made a big deal out of it. When we first take up writing seriously, we decide we’ll write perfectly. Ms. Cameron says that’s a mistake. We must be willing to write badly at least in our first drafts and then go on from there. She says wanting to write perfectly has kept many people … [Read more...]

Writing Life~Using Prompts for Inspiration

Do you ever sit down to write or to paint -- and draw a blank—no thoughts, no feelings, no imagination about what you can do with the precious minutes you have set aside to practice your arts? Or have you ever needed to prepare a meal and tried to think of something that sounded good to eat -- and failed? I’ve been cooking meals for more years than most people have been … [Read more...]

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